Biorythmus, Information, Period

Now know you on the basis the calculated curves your heights and depths for one period of thirty days read off.
It can the curves represent let also individual, by removing the small checkmark with the curves, you not to read off would like. Those Days are represented by the vertical lines how Weekdays are black marked, Saturdays blue and Sundays red.
The current day is by a thick black line marked and the following days stand right of it.

Naturally this is not only a small program and under any circumstances as exactly as a correct bio Rythmus analysis, but if it already times a view of the tendencies the next days to throw would like...

You consider please our clearing-up reference:
Of legal reasons must we here expressly point out that it concerns with the working methods presented here therapy procedures of the natural experience medicine, those necessarily to the generally recognized methods in the sense of an acknowledgment by the school medicine . All met statements about characteristics and effects as well as indications of the presented therapy procedures are based on realizations and experiences in the respective therapy direction, those by the dominant school medicine not necessarily divided. natural are also that never - neither of the school medicine nor of the naturopathy - the success of a treatment is not guaranteed !