Diagnostic Methods

Every therapy prefaces a thorough and detailed examination and characeristic diagnostic of the therapist, in order to make out and treat the possible causes of a disease. In our ProVital Natural Cure Center we focus on classic examination methods, that are supplemented - in sense of holistic medicine - through proved nature medical diagnosis methods.

We would like to introduce some of them.


This photograph method was developed by the Soviet scientists Semjon and Valentina Kirlian and photographs the aura, the energy that emits of an object. We photograph the emission of energy on fingers and toe tops of patients for diagnostic reasons. Based on the deviation to the normal emission of energy the therapist wants to find diseases and causes in dependence on the Chinese acupuncture - if possible a long time before the disease breaks out.

    Bioelectronics' function diagnoses

The bioelectronics' function diagnoses measures electric tension on acupuncture points. The aim in this case is also to receive information about conditions and their causes.

Iris- or eye diagnosis

Iris or eye diagnosis shall make it possible to recognize a patient's constitutional and left weaknesses and in such a way receive indications of suitable therapies.


The HLB-Bradford-Blood test, a blood test for ascertaining "toxic metabolism" developed at the American Bradford institute, shall give information about the blood. The aim is to receive indications of existing diseases.


From indications and pigments in the iris the iris diagnosis wants to recognize referring to health disturbances.

Requirement for every meaningful therapy is the timely recognition of illnesses!

(you consider please our clearing-up reference)

You consider please our clearing-up reference:
Of legal reasons must we here expressly point out that it concerns with the working methods presented here therapy procedures of the natural experience medicine, those necessarily to the generally recognized methods in the sense of an acknowledgment by the school medicine . All met statements about characteristics and effects as well as indications of the presented therapy procedures are based on realizations and experiences in the respective therapy direction, those by the dominant school medicine not necessarily divided. natural are also that never - neither of the school medicine nor of the naturopathy - the success of a treatment is not guaranteed !