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Gabi Rozek and Manfred Backhaus

Mainz, February 13th 2006

Our " golden Meenz" the Mainzer says affectionately to its city, which does not only admit because of the Karnevals far beyond its borders. The Mainzer loves the life. Therefore not only sociability and physical benefits are capitalized, but also art and culture. Impressing buildings, monuments and museums witness for 2000 years Mainzer urban history. Baroque buildings of splendour, the powerful cathedral, the historical old part of town, Marc Chagall´s blue windows in the St. Stephans Church and again and again the fascinating "father Rhine" with its wonderful bank promenades and the cure city Wiesbaden on the other side of the Rhine are only some highthlights of the various objects of interest.

In addition, the recovery does not go short. The large city park and the wonderful environs invite almost for a walk in the open air. Well groomed shopping malls and extensive pedestrian precincts promise unimpaired purchase pleasure.

Also in Gonsenheim, the exclusive residential area at the outskirts of Mainz you can find numerous shops, Cafés and restaurants for strolling. Here right in the heart of Gonsenheim directly at the stop of the streetcars 50 and 51 (which connect Gonsenheim with the main station in Mainz) and in direct proximity of the motorway connection you can find our ProVital Health- and Naturopathic Center. And those who need recovery will find silence and plain nature a few minutes away in green fields or in the big forest of Gonsenheim from which you can walk or bike along the bank of the Rhine without any traffic till the city of Bingen.

Of course physical well-being is naturally provided everywhere. From the Mainzer national course "Weck, Worscht and Woi" (rolls, sausage and wine), which you can eat nearly in everyone of the countless wine tubes or beer gardens, up to the "lukullisch" fixed meal in one of the well-known Gourmettempels you can find everything that infatuate your tongue and palate. For each taste and for each purse.

Best conditions thus for an unforgettable vacation, which brings more recovery for you, if you use it at the same time as a "cure leave" for the improvement of your health. Therefore in our ProVital Heath- and Naturopathic Center you can enjoy the proved healing power of classical and modern naturopathic medicine and fill up your strength and energy, in order to be able to master your vocational and private everyday life again unencumbered.

Manfred Backhaus, naturopath and pain therapist since 1975 was able to gain a lot of insight on his numerous fact-finding national and international study tours for the biological pain and regeneration therapy. He published his experiences in numerous books as well as broadcast and television appearances. In 1976 he opened his Naturopathic Center in Mainz-Gonsenheim . Beside this he leaded the ProVital Naturopoathic Center in the Land & Golf Hotel Stromberg - which was certified as privat hospital - from 1991 till the end of 2005.

Manfred Backhaus is supported by Gabi Rozek. As a examinated physiotherapist she carried out a hysiotherapeuthic Center in Mainz-Gonsenheim for more than twenty years and is now spcialised on Meridian-Massage and Edelstein-Meditation (Jewel-Meditation), that enrich all of our cures with relaxation and harmony.

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