Our ProVital®-Cures (extract)


Rheumatism is still one of the largest diseases of our time. However rheumatism does not have to be a final judgement. For now 27 years naturopath Manfred Backhaus is intensivly occupied with the treatment of rheumatic diseases. In the ProVital Naturopatic-Center patients are not treated with a single therapy method but a combination of proven naturopathic methods which are exspecially chosen for the respective patient.
Aim of the treatment is to strengthen the defense powers, to detoxicate the body, ease the pain and improve mobility.

Within the framework of our ProVital Intensive Rheumatism Cure - which is used by us in case of all types of rheumatic complaints of the spinal column, joints and muscles - we also offer special cures for individual complaints.
Such as

  • ProVital-Special- Cure Arthrose
    (against joint wear)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Arthrithis
    (against joint inflammation)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Osteoporosis
    (against decalcifying)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Morbus-Bechterew
    (against pains and stiffening of the vertebral column)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Neuralgia
    (nerves pain in legs, arms or face)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Back Pain
    (e.g. muscle bracing, inflammatory or wear conditioned variations of the vertebral column)

Naturopathic Physician Manfred Backhaus has covered his long-standing expiriences with rheumatism therapy in numerous books, press, radio and television.

Innumerable people suffer from chronic pains for which the medicine could find no causes - in spite of intensive diagnostic efforts. Consequently all treatments are more or less unsuccessful and in the final analysis therapy is limited to prescribing medicine with side effects.
Using natural examination methods as well as different naturopathic methods -which individually suit the respective patient - we persue a therapy concept, wich is directed toward the treatment of the causes of the pain and not only symptomatically taken place.
With our ProVital-Anti-Pain-Cures we offer treatments for all kind of pains. We also offer special combinations for specific diseases like:
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Headache and Migraine
    (pains in the head area)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Circulatory Disorders
    (against disorders of circulation as well as vascular diseases)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Neuralgia
    (against nerves pain like Ischias or Trigeminusneuralgia)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Sinusitis
    (against diseases of the sinuses)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Back Pain
    (e.g. muscle cramps, inflammabele or wear-conditioned changes of the vertebral column)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Indigestion
    (against troubles of the belly room, e.g. of the stomach)

            to mention but a few

Naturopathic Physician Manfred Backhaus has covered his treatment of different pain states in numerous books, press, radio and television.
If you have specific pains, don't hesitate to ask us. We will attempt everything to help you.

Of course we also offer individual cures for

regeneration and detoxication.

  • ProVital-Special-Cure Regeneration and Vitalisation
    (e.g. in case of geriatric complaints or after deseases)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Detoxication
    (e.g. with metabolism problems or health damage caused by environmental poisons)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Diabetes
    (different forms of diabetes)
  • ProVital-Special- Cure Defence Weakness
    (all kinds of chronic weakness, chronic inflammations, recurring infections and so forth)

More Cures

(you consider please our clearing-up reference)

You consider please our clearing-up reference:
Of legal reasons must we here expressly point out that it concerns with the working methods presented here therapy procedures of the natural experience medicine, those necessarily to the generally recognized methods in the sense of an acknowledgment by the school medicine . All met statements about characteristics and effects as well as indications of the presented therapy procedures are based on realizations and experiences in the respective therapy direction, those by the dominant school medicine not necessarily divided. natural are also that never - neither of the school medicine nor of the naturopathy - the success of a treatment is not guaranteed !