From birth human beings approach death. The speed of degeneration - general dismantling - becomes larger and larger with increasing age and the bodies inherent regeneration can no longer keep up.
The consequence:
The aging process is accelerated, human beings become more vulnerable to diseases.

Stress, false nutrition, unhealthy way of life and the increasing poison load of the environment accelerates this process.

Therfore all our therapies have one goal:
Improve regeneration, to consolidate defence and bring body and soul into a harmonic equilibrium. In this way we want to achieve what every human being desires for himself:

Give life more years and years more live!

Ranges of application

for the cures and therapy measures offered in ProVital Health- und Naturopathic Centre Stromberg (Hunsrueck):

  • Painful diseases of every type

  • Degenerative or inflammatory diseases of the movement apparatus

  • Rheumatic Diseases

  • Arthritis and joint attrition (Arthrose)

  • Affections of the spine like disks variations, Osteoporose and so forth.

  • Neuralgia (Nerves pain) in arms and legs (e.g. Ischias)

  • Neuraligia of the face (e.g. Trigeminus)

  • Headache and migraine

  • Premature aging processes

  • General weakness of body and soul

  • Indigestion

  • Affections of interior organs

  • Result of outsized stress

  • Nervous Interferences

  • General Defence Weakness

  • Infection Vulnerability

  • Allergic Diseases

  • Thyroid Complaint

  • Biological Cancer Therapy

  • and many other


Homeopathy / Oxygen Therapy   Organ Extracts / Ozone-Therapy   Chiropractic / Neuraltherapy
Biofeedback and Conducting Therapy    Hyperthermia (over warming) with Infra-Red-A-Radiation New
Needle-Acupuncture / Colour-Puncture   Magnetic Field Therapy with pulsating magnetic fields  
Wellness & Anti-Aging (1)   Wellness & Anti-Aging (2)  

You consider please our clearing-up reference:
Of legal reasons must we here expressly point out that it concerns with the working methods presented here therapy procedures of the natural experience medicine, those necessarily to the generally recognized methods in the sense of an acknowledgment by the school medicine . All met statements about characteristics and effects as well as indications of the presented therapy procedures are based on realizations and experiences in the respective therapy direction, those by the dominant school medicine not necessarily divided. natural are also that never - neither of the school medicine nor of the naturopathy - the success of a treatment is not guaranteed !